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Linux Based CAN programming

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  • Linux Based CAN programming

    Hey all, I've done a good amount of searching around the forums, and frankly i like what i see . You guys got great info about the upcoming CAN standard that is pretty much in all of the new cars.

    I'm trying to go ahead here and work on a CAN based linux diagnostic program. I've got a good amount of programming done, but i'll take any pointers/help I can get. I've bought the t16-014 from . If I were to try and code this stuff, is it controller specific? Eg. Would my program not work with an ELM based OBD scanner and vice versa?

    Most of the open source stuff out there is for Windows, and that is written for linux definetly has no support for CAN.

    Any tips appreciated.


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    I'd have to see one of the data sheets for the interface you bought, but I'm guessing no on the ELM compatibility. ELM use simple AT commands to retrieve data from their interface. That's why they have such a following. It's cake to get the data you need from the ECU.

    Here's the ELM data sheet:

    Supposedly the offering from supports the same command set (user michbound on the forums here). Its cheaper too.
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      This is all I have from them.

      The ELM does look alot friendlier though....


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        Originally posted by andyman53 View Post
        This is all I have from them.

        The ELM does look alot friendlier though....
        If you develop code for the multiplex it would not be compatible with the ELM, but looking at the manual for the multiplex looks like you could come up with a set of low level abstractions that would enable you to work with both the multiplex and the ELM command set.