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  • So whats next for me ?

    I have been using the OBDPro hardware with some freeware softwares and so far it has proved to be a very good introduction to OBD. I think I am ready to take it to the next level.

    What I am looking for next is -
    • Speed - something better than 8hz(ISO). OBDPro gives me 8hz with ISO (timeout=32ms) but when I track 3 or more fast changing parameters, I can see it quickly becomes inadequate.
    • Better software/application - Logging, Dyno, Analysis(timing map!) all in one.
    • Universal compatibility (iso, vfw, can, etc..). IMHO paying for each one seperately is simply unacceptable in the year two thousand and seven, let alone impractical!

    Right now the only one I can see that fits the bill is Digimoto - unless I don't know of others. I still have to find out a few things about it though. Have some questions.
    Enhanced PIDs capability would be added plus, but I am not keeping my hopes high for that.

    Alternatively I could just get the software for now - again either Digimoto or PCMSCAN, and hope for OBDPro to come out with a faster hardware down the line(soon!).

    Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

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    If you get any other hardware/software combo I would be very curious to see what sort of refresh timings you get on your vehicle, I would be very surprised if any of the low cost interfaces are able to do a lot better....



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      I have yet to find a clear definite answer about what speed to expect from the myobdic hardware (digimoto) but I believe it would be faster than obdpro ?
      Ofcourse it costs more but I am willing to spend a little more (<$200) if there is a noticeable improvement in performance.


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        The refresh rate is a metric that no one can really publish since it varies based by vehicle etc, that is why I was very curious to see what you can uncover since we can use your platform as a baseline reference and you would be a neutral 3rd party doing the test (sort of like the UL for OBD interfaces )



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          I wouldn't mind doing comparison or testing for any obd tool manufacturer on my ISO cars, if they let me borrow the tool for a few days.

          I realize there is no set specification for refresh rate for obd tools and although refresh rate varies by vehicle/protocol also, an obd tool manufacturer could list a 'best case but still realistic' figure for just one or two common protocols and that could atleast give a relative idea of what to expect.