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  • OBD and XML

    Is there a standard for OBD log files written in XML? Any DTD? Has anyone tried to code something that reads from OBD II and writes the log in XML?

    Any ideas?

    (sorry in the event that the question has been asked before)

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    Nope, there's no open standard that I'm aware of. Some of the fancy commercial tools might use it. Otherwise you're just logging within a single program and exporting to Excel (typically csv).

    The opposite exists -- standard ISO 22900 lets you describe OBD-II params with a XML file. I recommend staying away from it. It's so big and complicated that you'd spend your life learning how to write a file before they update the draft again and break compatibility. Better to just do your own thing in this case.


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      Yes, Joey is correct, there is no XML standard for vehicle diagnostic data. And yes, many of the OEM (commercial) scan tools do export to XML. The good news is that once you are able to create a flavor of XML with a scan tool software, you can relatively easily change it to a different DTD.


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        What I was thinking of doing was to design/propose an infrastructure for exporting diagnostics into a SOAP message, transmitting it wireless and having a server-side software read/store/process it/interpret it. Why? Well, the technology exists to communicate real-time data with dealerships/service stations etc. Saves time in diagnosing issues before you even take the car to the service station.

        I recently had a P0506 code (low idle) and wasted 1 day at the dealership waiting for some of their mechanics to use the OBD tool they have since the other mechanics were using it. If the diagnosis was sent to the dealership in real time when the code came up I wouldn't have to wait an entire day for them to look at the problem. Funny thing I told them the code, showed them the freeze frame data and they still wanted to diagnose it themselves! Honda


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          that's so they can charge you the $300 for plugging up the scanner. duh!
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            Not knocking the idea I agree it has potential but you have just reinvented OnStar.



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              Yes I thought about OnStar. Too expensive and too proprietary, even though it could easily be expanded to do OBD and a lot more (unless it already has???). However, OBD is a somewhat more open standard (not 100% open since you still have to buy the rights to use it) and so should any interface to it in a client-server architecture setting. Otherwise business evil will get in the way of innovation and things won't go far.

              I looked at the ISO 22900 that joeyoravec mentioned. Thats what I am talking about. I found this presentation that looks promising: ODX – Open Diagnostic data eXchange.

              As it stands now with my carputer I can extract the OBD Log file and trasmit via http or ftp the data (flat file) to anyone who is listening. Problem is nobody is listening out there !!!!