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Altima USB cable to computer.

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  • Altima USB cable to computer.

    Hey, unlike everyone else here. I think outside of the box. I am going to be installing a USB port in my car that directly connects to the port by my feet.
    So, I need to know which wires relate to what. In other words, those USB cables. I need to know how they make them.
    Can anyone that has one check it out for me. IT IS REALLY REALLY REALLY EASY TO FIGURE IT OUT GUYS.
    So no smart *** replies like go buy it.
    if you test resistance on one connection to the other, you should be able to map which wires go where without taking the cord apart.
    Thank you in advance.

    I plan on using software on a XP or vista based system to pull data from my car so I can monitor it. 99.9% OF ALL NEW NOTEBOOKS DO NOT have serial connections. so no, I can't use serial.

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    Pin Name Description
    1 VCC +5 VDC
    2 D- Data -
    3 D+ Data +
    4 GND Ground

    It really would be easier to just buiy one, but there's the pinout for a USB port. However, to extent them, take an existing set of USB headers, chop 'em in half, and extend with Cat5 cable. 4 pins per USB port... 8 wires in a Cat5 cable... It works out nicely, methinks.
    Knock your socks off.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Oh, I know how USB cables work. sorry. I needed to find out which pins those go to on the car itself. Also, do I need a resister to lower the voltage to 5 volts??? or is it already setup that way?
      I'll be hooking up a female connector in my center console then connecting the other side **using the wire splicing method** to the dataport. Trying to do it so no one can see that I did it.
      But, I have everything in my center console already.. so trying to stay in that area. got two 120V outlets, controls for any lights I have in my car, then outside lights on another switch, blablabla.


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        Ok, I am confused now, since you talk about lowering the voltage and getting data from the Car. Do you want to read OBD II data from the vehicle? You cannot just connect the USB cable to the OBD II connector to do that, you need a protocol converter since the USB protocol is not what the OBD II connector outputs.



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          Originally posted by runcool View Post
          Hey, unlike everyone else here. I think outside of the box.
          Hey, this guy thinks out of the box unlike the rest of us. Lets just let him figure it out himself, especially since he's making no sense.
          You also can't just use a resistor to drop the voltage. Unless you know exactly how much current your system will be drawing, that is, which is pretty hard to do with a computer.....