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OBD II - Windows Mobile 5/6 - Bluetooth Solution?

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  • OBD II - Windows Mobile 5/6 - Bluetooth Solution?

    Anyone have a setup with

    - Windows Mobile 5 or 6 (Phone Maybee: square screen)
    - Bluetooth OBDII
    - OBDII Software

    I finally got rid of my old "PDA" and got a verizon palm Treo w/ pda all in one..

    I have bluetooth GPS up and running and I am interested in some sort of solution for OBD II vehicle stats. What software to run... ANY SUGGESTIONS?

    I have seen the bluetooth adapters at and (looks nice) but I cant seem to find anyone using any of these solutions... ANY SUGGESTIONS???

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    The Cardix programming environment (see a nearby thread entitled "An easier way to write software that interacts with your vehicle" for more info) runs on the .NET Compact Framework, so this would enable you to write an application that runs on Windows Mobile and has ready access to OBD data. I know there are at least a few vehicle connection devices which provide Bluetooth connectivity. One which I have worked with a bit is the OBDKey device ( and Cardix support for that device is in progress.


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      Wow that looks like a pretty classy solution... Programming in my free time would make my head expload though! I was going to do an OBDII software solution for my senior project in school before until i was forced to do otherwise! -- i like the idea of a standard oo interface!


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        Also check out

        This app comes with source so you can see one way to implement an obd II app.



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          Bluetooth Option