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ODB-II for the infill G4 and Hummer H3

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  • ODB-II for the infill G4 and Hummer H3

    After installing the G4 and CF1.2, it's time for me to get the ODB-II setup up and running.

    Can anyone please tell me what should i purchase for the Infill G4 in order to connect to the Hummer h3 ODB-II connection.

    Also - where is the H3 ODB-II connection located?

    Thanks in advance for the help


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    The OBD II on the H3 should be right under the steering wheel column. The OBD Pro supports the H3 protocols, but if by CF you mean centrafuse I think you might have some problems since the H3 has multiple CAN ecu's that respond to OBD II messages and the last version of CF I tried (about 4 months ago) had some issues with handling these multiple responses.



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      ElmScan tool from the store works as well:
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        One more question

        Is there a special cable I need to buy in order to connect the ODB component (the one solde here at mp3 store) into the ODB plug I see now under my sterring weel ?

        As I see the ODB component sold here has a 9-pin, while the connector in my car is very diffrent.


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          I think the 9-pin you're referring to is the DB-9 connector that connects to the ELM device. The other end of that cable has a J1962 (16-pin) trapezoid-shaped connector which is what plugs into your vehicle. I that such a cable comes with the ELM device.