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Non OBD ISO9141 usage (and advice on buying standard)

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  • Non OBD ISO9141 usage (and advice on buying standard)

    Hi there.

    This is a rather techo gory question, but I'm not sure where else to post.

    My car has both CAN and Single-Wire ISO9141 busi. The 'OBD' Modules are on CAN (PCM, TCM). Most other primary modules are also on CAN (Cluster, Body Module, HVAC Module, Entertainment Module, ABS for Down-the-Road etc).

    But I have a few modules on ISO - ABS for Diag, Restraints Control Module (Airbags) and Park Aid Module (Reverse Sensors).

    Would the standard ISO 5-Baud init wake up my bus if the 'OBD' Modules aren't there? Or do I need the ability to change the Init target to be the TA of one of these modules in order to get them to talk to me?

    I have an ELM1.1 and Mongoose. I haven't tried the Mongoose with the Drewtech software yet. But I know the ELM1.1 can't do it as that's a feature added in the 1.2 version, along with performance improvements. I'll definitely try #1 shortly, and #2 am querying to see if I can just swap in ELM1.2 in my OBD2AllInOne. But I thought I should try to discuss my thoughts about ISO with someone first.

    While I'm here, which 9141 standard should I buy? I'd be mostly interested in the Data-Link Layer up including UDS. (1) The original 9141, or (2) the CARB version 9141-2? (is the 9141-2 amendment adviseable?)

    9141-2 is often listed as a 'subset' of 9141 - so it's not clear if one actually supersedes the other or if they are complimentary.

    As a private hobbyist I like to know exactly what's in these things before spending my own money.