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I want to interface to my 07 Navigator's CAN BUS.

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  • I want to interface to my 07 Navigator's CAN BUS.

    I want to interface to my 07 Navigator's CAN BUS. It has Nav. so it has a touch screen and plenty of buttons to choose from. I want to be able to program the courtesy lights in the mirrors to come on when I push a combination of buttons. I also want to interface lights (LEDs) and other devices onto the bus but I know I need an interface module etc.
    Also some way to talk to the bus, an ELM?... or some other interface software and Ford's protocol. Can anyone out there hook me up?

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    I would recommend a J2534 compliant device (the Mongoose from Drew Technologies or the ValueCAN from Intrepid Control Systems These handle throughput and filtering quite well.

    As for software, I would recommend looking at the Cardix programming platform ( and the reverse-engineering tool that comes with it to investigate how to sense and actuate the things you mention (to the extent that they are on the CAN bus).


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      Ok, I have an Elm-5 do you feel the Mongoose will do a better job fro this application?
      I'll get one and try the software.


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        The ELM device is good for request/response data (which is the case for OBD data), and marginally useful for watching low-rate broadcast data, but it is not well suited for watching high rate traffic and has limitations in filtering.

        So yes, for what you are doing, I would recommend the Mongoose or the ValueCAN (Mongoose ISO/CAN is nominally a better deal than ValueCAN as it's roughly the same price but gives you ISO protocol support in addition to CAN).