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VAG type diagnostic cables

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  • VAG type diagnostic cables

    Question is why will they only work on VAG cars. Is it a peculiar data rate or what have you. I'm dead curious.

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    They don't just work on VW's. I've used mine on both a Honda and a Toyota.

    However, only the VAG-COM software will work with the cable. It has all of the manufacturer's codes built in, so you get way more information than the standard OBDII codes. The cable has a chip inside that the software has to read before it will function.

    On the Honda and Toyota, you only get the basics. For example, I had a problem with my VW and plugged the VAG-COM cable in. It read back the error and told me it was a coolant temp sensor that went bad. $20 from VW and I replaced it myself. That cable paid for itself already!
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      opal tech2 also works with VAG software the interface is cheap on ebay and I used it on an Audi A3 and VW without any problems but to get the full use of the software there is a license fee to activate it