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ODBII ELM 323 driver

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  • ODBII ELM 323 driver

    I am a newbie to the pc based ecm/pcm programing I've used Tech2, Modis and many other systems to do work but I bought a Elm 323 cable understandin that this is the 9.6kbs cable for slow speed communication.

    I can not get any software to work with the cable.

    I was told to use the KWP2000 driver for all of the elm cables is this correct or not?

    I did not recive the driver with the cable I recived the dll files but no driver I have been told this is why it will not communicate with the ODBII systems.

    if so Is there a place I can get the driver store/ E-mail it to me from a user?
    I want to use it for GM, Ford, Mopar mostly and any sugestions on what software works the best. I want to be able to remap the ecm/pcm

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    OBDII software

    Yet another newbie (meaning me)

    I have also bought a cable and an adapter without knowing why exactly. (see pic)

    There is nothing new in the COM's department so I guess I am missing a driver too.

    Did you sort your problems out? I was thinking that I had problems because I have not connected it to the car as yet.


    One more thing (out of subject): All I want is a tripp computer. Average speed, fuelconsumption, outside temperature, remaining fuel, maybe an alarm or two... Not current speed and revs, I've got other instruments for that.

    Is there such an application or are they all massive applications with all kinds of supertechnical data? Preferably one with a skin to RR.

    BR, B-O

    My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"


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      Reply:ODBII ELM 323 driver

      jznnjx i think with the Dll's that would be your drivers, try coping dll's to c:\windows\system32
      Windows Taskbar

      Click > Start

      > Run

      Type in > Regsvr32 DLLNAME.Dll

      and repeat this until you have registed all the Dll's

      i am new to the ECU programing but i know computers. we are working on GPS system that runs of a Panasonic CF-30 that will allow client to track trip history, speed time of trip it will also thru microsoft's map point to show current location of car truck motorcycle down to the direct spot on te map down to 3 meters, i zoomed in on my car and it showed what side of the damn street i was on. wow back to point we use a GPS puck called trip nav GPS model T-200 and it has a USB to serial type drive but it only has a USB connection type plug.

      hope this helps



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        The driver is supported by windows. I must have had a wireing problem. All of a sudden it was there in the COM tab of device manager. "FTDI" is its name.

        The application you run will connect to it once pointed out. At least ScanMaster did.

        Cheers, B-O
        My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"