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07 GM question, possible PCM programming?

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  • 07 GM question, possible PCM programming?

    Hey, I am not sure where to ask this but maybe you guys can help me.

    I have a 2007 Suburban that needs some "work" done. There are a few things I really dislike about the car and I am wondering if its possible to fix.

    First off I hate the damn door/key dinger. Normally you can pull the relay deal out to disable it, but this car it runs through the radio so I can't disable it.

    Second, I am limited to having 3 keys that can start the car. I need more.

    I looked into some software/hardware to program the PCM to do different things. Obviously its all engine related and I didn't see anything about little things like I would like to have done.

    Does anyone have any info or a good place to start on how to fix this?

    Any help would be great, TIA!


    Oh, also I hate the seatbelt dinger. Annoying as all hell. Thats another thing I would like to disable. There are a few more things too similar to the above, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

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    The easy fix is to just pull the relay. You can buy Flashscan V2 if you're willing to make the investment. It's more performance oriented, but it can do things to modify BCM controls.


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      The Dinger is know as the Chime. The Chime is responsible for all of the annoying dings in your car such as the open the door with key in ding, and the turn signal click clack... etc. To disable it you have to use a factory scan tool to set the volume level of the chime to something you can't hear. So you might be able to talk your dealership into helping you out with the tool.

      FYI Chime is made audible by messages send from the BCM to the Radio head unit. So you could just get rid of your radio..
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        Good luck getting you dealer to disable a safety feature. If they do, theyre pretty brave considering the shi* storm the manufacturer could bring down on them for doing so. The number of keys is likely a limitation set by the bcm or ecm (whatever module holds the "immobilizer" codes in it). From all my experience, this will not be able to be changed if they used a substatial theft deterent setup. In reality, i can understand the keys, but why defeat the seatbelt chime? Its their to help you stay safe by having your belt on and your doors closed while the vehicle could start moving.
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          Check your owners manual. My 2007 Suburban can have up to 8 keys and 8 Keyless remotes programmed at any one time.

          I can also change the chime volume but I don't think you can turn it off.


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            If you replace the head unit in an 07 Gm, the chime is an optional 100 piece of equipment. The one we used has a lot nicer of a chime than the factory and it is quieter. Here is a picture of the avic-z2 in an 07 express.
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