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Reading Resistance OBD 1

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  • Reading Resistance OBD 1

    Ok I got a 1990 Mazda 929. I want to monitor most of the engine sensors from a computer. All of the sensors operate by sending resistance to the ECU. I have the splice harness from Mazda's engine signal monitor. I need something that can read most of the 67 sensors in this car. Anything out there that can do it?

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    You want to read the sensors directly? not via serial? If that's what you're saying, a few fusion brains may be able to handle that job.
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      can it be read through serial??? I have a splice harness and the technical specificaitons for each sensor. instead of connecting a multimeter, reading the resistance of a sensor and then going through the formula just to find out whats the coolant temp. I'd like to just have it at my fingertips . and see whats what so I don't blow my car up.