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Car PC Dual Screen with virtual guages

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  • Car PC Dual Screen with virtual guages

    I have been looking at your car PC project and I was wanting to ask for help.

    I currently have a HP E pc that has an 80GB harddrive. I am running a very basic setup in my car
    HP E PC with usb GPS and routemaster navigation programme
    MediaCar front end and this controls the music and dvd i have on the system.
    I have the sound exiting using the onboard sound card through a 3.5mm jack and going into my kenwood headunit in the car.

    Time has come for me to upgrade the system as I would like to really maximise the PC experience in the car. I have downloaded roadrunner and also your skin as i think this looks absolutly superb!!! I will install this as my front end now instead of media car.

    I would really like to be able to add at least one more screen to my system as i would like to be able to show the music player/video or navigation demo at the same time. As the car is a show car people don't appreciate the sheer amount of work that has gone into a PC media centre!

    I have also recently found out about the whole idea of digital guages and think having these running through my pc would be a fantastic idea too!!! I was thinking about adding 2x 7" screen (not touchscreens) instead of my factory dials and then have the virtual guages appear here!

    I have found the interfaces i think i needto plug into the car and the pc but not sure where to go now?

    I have a 1993 Renualt Clio 16v for reference. Is this the right way to go about it?

    Right that should explain what i want to do. SO can it be done and what do i need to buy to allow me to do it? is it even possible?

    I look forward to a response and hopefully your help?