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  • Fiesta MK4 Diagnostics

    How Do,

    Im planning a CarPC install with centrafuse and wanted to use the OBD-II plugin but first off i don't even know if my car has OBD-II or any kind of diagnostics that can be read by a program on a PC.

    It is an R Reg 1998 MK4 Fiesta 1.25 Zetec.

    Are there any cables and programs out there for my car?

    Ive tried Google but no luck.

    Any help is much appreciated guys i'm at a complete dead end at the mo

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    Yes, your car does have an OBD2 port, its located at the bottom of the left hand A-pillar.

    Have a search on here, I think there is quite a bit of useful information, also search on "Elm 320" and "Elm 327" and "obd2 pwm"

    Have fun


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      Awesome, cheers for that mate.

      Thats where to fuel cut off switch was in my MK3 fiesta never even thought to look there for it.