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help with ecu diagnostics!!!

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  • help with ecu diagnostics!!!

    okay guys before i buy all the car pc parts i just want to make sure i can do this. i have a 1998 mustang 3.8L. i want to install a car pc, but the only reason i would do this is to get real time engine stats. i know i would need a cable from the chip in the car to usb but i was hoping someone can give me some guidance as to how to do this and where to buy the cable before i go buying all the parts for the car pc. thanks!!

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    what sort of data would you like to capture? If you are looking at the standard OBD II data engine rpm, coolant temp. o2 sensor reading, MAF and so forth our OBDPro interface will work fine.

    Both our USB and Serial interfaces come with all the cables needed to start logging data, all you need to provide is the carpc.



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      cool thanks, can i use this stuff to tune my chip for fuel economy, performance, etc.?


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        oh and do i have to use your software or can i use anyones software? what is the diforence between the product link you gave me and other ones?


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          Originally posted by jash7 View Post
          cool thanks, can i use this stuff to tune my chip for fuel economy, performance, etc.?
          No the OBDPro scantools do not allow ecu programming, you would probably need to look at something like for ecu programming..

          Yes you can use out scantools withany ELM327 compatible software, the CD comes with a number of the free ones out there...

          Main features of our scantools are price, ability to monitor a bigger chunk of CAN transactions without running into buffer full messages, an upgrade path when new protocols appear



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            so what exactly is the full functionality of this
            if its just to pull info then what can it pull that isn't already on the dash?
            anything more helpful?
            i do like knowing what can go on under the hood but i would like to be able to unlock the full potential of some of my bolt on mods too


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              yeah i think this one

              M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU

              and this one

              OPUS 120 watt DC-DC power Supply DCX3.120

              like i said i'm not sure so feel free to correct me and let me know which one is better!


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                Thats a power supply, not an OBDII reader.....
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                  hahaha i just posted that in the wrong forum
                  haha ignore it