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    Hi, my name is Ben and I am a Senior at Penn State Behrend. Myself and two other students have been assigned a senior project involving reading and displaying information from an automotive CAN bus on an LCD in graphical form. This forum has been our greatest aid thusfar.

    We are currently searching for a CAN Bus Logger/Playback device that we can use to read, log, and playback specific OBD-II information (ie MAF sensor request-response data). Basically, we want to rent a Ford, log the MAF request-response data, and have the ability to resend this information to our display for simulation purposes when we present our project.

    Our school has alotted us a budget, and we are able to spend up to $500 (total for hardware and software).

    If anyone has any information or product recommendations in this area, we would be much obliged.

    Also, if there are any industries out there that would allow us to borrow this equipment, we would be grateful. We would put your company logo as a sponsor on our presentation board, which will hopefully be on display at Penn State Behrend for years to come.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!!


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    So are you saying all you want to log is the MAF airflow rate? Mode 01 pid 10?

    Our OBDPro interface can do this but you would need to write a small program to continually poll and log the info at the frequency you desire, but since you are looking at displaying this on an LCD I assume you will have a micro that you are interfacing with the LCD and need an ability to communicate to the scantool using the micro??

    PM me and we can figure something out



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      Originally posted by benrwin View Post
      Our school has alotted us a budget, and we are able to spend up to $500 (total for hardware and software).
      I gotta get my old *** back into school! They didn't give us anything cool like that when I went. Do you get to keep it when you're done?

      Seriously Ben, you're in the right place for help on that project. Good luck!
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        mich is quite helpful on these forums, so if you're looking for a good, easy and cheap tool for quiery/response type traffic then his tool is just about perfect.

        If you're after down-the-road traffic (realtime, broadcast - use whatever term best suits) then for CAN speeds higher than 500kbps (assuming the obdpro has a USB version with a ftdi chipset that can go 500k and is not limited to 115200 rs232 - can it mich?) you'd need something with a bit more throughput - but then you're looking at more expense.

        Also, do a little research on J2534. I think you'll find a world in there that's the future of non-oem diagnostics.

        (Psst, mich, hurry up and write a J2534 driver for the obdpro would ya...!)