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E46 - how to display info from board computer?

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  • E46 - how to display info from board computer?

    Hi All,

    I am quite confused with this all stuff with OBD etc, I couldn't find requested info, therefore I decided to ask here...

    The issue is I would like to display on my carpc screen the info from the board computer - I mean fuel consumption, temperature, range etc.

    An now is the question:

    What do I need to get it? Is this just an ODB2 interface? Or maybe something getting info from the I-Bus? Or what...?

    My car is BMW 320D E46, Year 2001.


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    You need an OBD II interface that translates the ISO 9141 protocol into serial data that can then be displayed by a program running on your CAR PC.

    The data you want is available on the OBD II connector, not the I - Bus in your vehicle.

    We sell an interface that will do that see

    In order to show fuel consumption you would need to purchase a program such as scanmaster that does the fuel calculations, for all the other data the free programs that ship with the OBDpro will be sufficient.

    I would recommend you try the free programs with the interface and then decide if you want to spend the money on scanmaster (an excellent program BTW)



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      @michbound - It means that the things like average consumption and range are not presented on the OBD2 connector and I need to have additional software to collect the data and calculate the results?


      p.s. and thanks for you offer but I need a shop from Germany


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        It seems acegis has beat me to the question >_>

        (And sorry, acegis, for hijacking your thread but the question is relevant, and I hate starting new threads for the same question.)

        I have 3 cars -- a 2004 Ford Expedition, a 2005 Nissan Altima, and a 1975 VW Beetle. I'm planning to build a carputer in either the Expedition or the Altima. My dad's Nissan Titan (a bigass truck, for all you Euro's who only see small cars :P) came with a navigation system, and he can monitor all sorts of engine diagnostics. With just a small joystick to control, he can check fuel consumption, tire pressure, miles till empty, and much more. the OnStar program in most GM's comes with a similar feature -- OnStar can run a complete Vehicle Diagnostic and email it to you, or even read it off to you in the car.

        What I want (and it might already be out there, or extremely hard to code) would be a full diagnostic to run on a carputer. As you have said, michbound, there are programs out there for fuel consumption, and that carputers can be hooked up to the OBD-II to see engine diagnostics. But I have also seen things such as a viper remote start -- when the car is hit, or broken into, an LED diagram of the car on the key shows the driver where. Something like that would be pretty cool in a car to show damage reports -- If somebody hits you in a parking lot, a small pressure sensor (I have the money, and would be willing to put them in bumpers, and side panels if at all possible) records the hit and will tell the driver later on the screen inside the car, and on the key immediately. I also plan to hook up a few cameras on the car (front, back, and maybe sides) to record accidents. I've seen a website for a "crash cam" available in japan -- it records 15 minutes worth of footage, and continues to erase and re-shoot while driving. in the event of a crash, the entire scene is on film. One camera on each side would be useful, along with a back camera for backing up.

        So if you don't want to read all of that above (just an explanation of what I'm looking for) read the question below:

        Ok, ok -- so the list may be a bit long and complicated -- but do you know of an OS that could run it? I've seen linuxICE (In Car Entertainment), and other Carputer OS's similar to that -- easy to run and navigate -- but is there one out there that could manage a COMPLETE diagnostics program, along with a DVR Accident camera system?