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problems with obd2 interface

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  • problems with obd2 interface

    hey guys, im having some issues hooking up my obd2 interface. i bought the obdpro usb scanner, and used the software with it. i installed all the drivers and followed the directions, however i continue to get the "interface not found" prompt. some info on the car, its a 96 mustang gt with obd2 and a vortech supercharger. i had the pcm reflashed for the supercharger, but even when i take the tune off or use my spare untuned pcm, i still cannot get connected to the sensor data using the interface. there are no problems with the obd2 port, well the obdpro scanner shows its getting power but that is the only blinking light. im thinking the problem is with the software, and was wondering if anyone else has had problems with a similar car. im going to verify the obdpro scanner hardware works by testing it on another car, however i have tried 3 scanners like this before with the same result (interface not found) my brother was able to hook his scanner up to it a while back, but he doesnt remember the scanner or the software he used. its possible the reflash of the pcm is locking it out, however as i mentioned i tried a spare (stock) 96 mustang gt pcm with the same result. im going to test the hardware like i said, and then contact the dealer and see if they have any ideas. thanks for any imput