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just tried obdII on car ,strange?

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  • just tried obdII on car ,strange?

    Hi just tried a odb2 elmscan e327 for my car , 2001 saab 9-5 3.0 Tdi , connected fine using scantech 1.133 software , but it come up as ecu etc
    protocal iso ISO 9141-2

    then under odb it say not compliant , is that right or do i need better software?

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    old topic, but i am having the same problem

    using the same device as well, it is connecting to the car - but i get no data / readings


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      software I would say. try a newer version of the software

      I drive a 99 peugeot 306 HDi (2 litre turbo diesel) and it connects and reads just fine.


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        There's nothing wrong with your car and there's nothing wrong with the software you are using. The car is simply stating that it's not compliant to any OBD2/EOBD rules.
        It does not have to comply to OBD2 because that rule only applies to cars sold in the United States of America.
        It does not have to comply to EOBD (the European set of rules) because that states that existing diesels do not have to comply until 1st January 2004.
        Be glad your car communicates, a lot of diesels from this year (or even newer) do not communicate at all.