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Wiring in OBD II Scantool

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  • Wiring in OBD II Scantool

    Hi. I have a Mazda 3 and the OBD II plug is just to the left of the driver inside a small storage area. I'd like to have a scanner attached, but not jabbing my in the leg while I'm driving. Has anyone tried dismantleing the scantool and wiring it directly to the port cables? Preferably in a way that still leaves the port where it is and usable. Does anyone know of a pinout for the connectors? Thanks for any help.

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    You should be able to splice and solder on the back side of the odb2 plug. Extend the wires a foot or two.Get some .187" female spade connectors. Line up the pin side of the scantool to the odb2 plug. Use the female spade and and crimp them on to the extended wires. Plug in the corresponding wires of the odb2 plug to the pins of the scan tool. Then just zip tie the scan tool module some where secure under the dash. That way you don't have anything sitckin out of the front of the odb port and the dealership/mechanic still can use their tools without problems.