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    I'm not very literate in the computer world , especially when it comes to software, so please be patient with my questions. I understand how a cars electrical system work. I've been an installer for 14 yrs now, and seen how it's all changing and how you have to interface with the new technologies. I'm currently in the progress of designing a custom system in a show car. Our last 2 shop cars have had a custom computer system in it for a system. Earliest was 7 yrs ago with a system called gnet in an Expedition. Our latest In a 300C using Drivesoft. My system that I'm designing now is a complete ground up build. Just using the shell of the vehicle. Getting to my question. It's not an obd2 system, but I want to build a system that does have the gauges displayed on an lcd paned across the dash. That can switch between different screens.
    In my understanding, the vss signal is depicted in a couple different ways. But mostly the signal bounces between ground and positive. Which in turn would be ac voltage, as the speed increases so does the frequency of the signal. As for RPM the ac signal usually increases in voltage/frequency. As for the engine temp basicly a thermistor ,the resistance changes with temp. Oil press that also changes resistance with pressure. Fuel level, the float is basicly on a rehistat that also change with resistance. (of course all in its raw form).
    Couldn't you take this info, and feed it into the fusion brain,(which I recently purchased) and build software around that info to display the wanted Information. Obviously take multiple measurements at different conditons, rpm , speed, etc.
    I'm also meeting with a couple of buddies at Metra Electronics R&D department, who make the interfaces that comunicate aftermarket radio's with factory computers/amps, next week. Any info I get from them I'll post on here as well. I know alot of people without obd2 systems would love to be able to do this. Hell if I can get this to work I'll pull my instrument cluster out of my gsxr and integrate a screen instead..
    Thanks for your help.

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    you have'nt mentioned what car, you should be able to tap into the ECM and obtain the signals that you need



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      It's going to be on an earlier honda civic '95. But I would also like to build something custom for my motorcycle as well.


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        Fusion's MDX software will let you do what you want...


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          I downloaded the file, but everytime I try to connect to the brain it hang on the start transfer and stop responding. Any Idea's?


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            Originally posted by dopey273 View Post
            I downloaded the file, but everytime I try to connect to the brain it hang on the start transfer and stop responding. Any Idea's?
            I have no idea what you are talking about. Can you rephrase the question?

            Did you buy a brain?

            What software?

            Where did you download it from?

            Configurator or main software?


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              My laptop sees the fusion brain with no problem, and the drivers loaded with no problem. I downloaded the mdx file from the thread with the directlink. The software installs without instance. When I click on the add fusion brain icon I'll get the brain info box. I'll rename the module then click the search icon to find the brain. It finds the brain , but when I select it and try to connect to it It'll show the status bar and says it's updating ,but nothing happens. I'll wait for a few min then it'll say it's not responding, then i have to control alt del to close it.. Any suggestions..


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                ah, the autodetect feature. It's a little buggy right now. You're better off grabbing the device ID from Windows' Device Manager