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  • OBD Computer or standalone

    I just wanted to get some opinions for the guys here before i made a decision. Since i found out that I can get my vehicals Voltage and MPG off the OBD2 connection i have been wanting to get this readout. I drive ALOT and keeping the car in those happy crusing speeds are critical.

    I have looked into carputers before playing with roadrunner. But never accually went for a fully intigrated unit since the laptop was too much hassle to boot up every time and it took up too much room in my cars small cockpit(1999 camaro convertable). Plus i didn't want my computer to disappear while parket at the walmart. I would also like to easilly switch between cars for diagnostic and trips.

    So as i'm looking at OBD2 things. seemes there are two options.
    stand alone scan gauge II: ~$169

    OR one of the misc car to computer hookups and software. $$$?

    Which method is simpiler and cheaper. I want it to be able to run all the time and deffinatly check engine codes, MPG, and emission compliance. I am not a tuner just want info on efficiancy

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    105 views and no opinions? anyway i think i am going to go for the scangauge II. It just appears to be a really well made piece of equipment


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      I am to design one later.


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        Best one I've used so far..............

        And I've used proscan5.1, obd-diag, etc....

        You just need an ELM based interface.
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          My vote is for the scangauge and free up the carputer for GPS etc... I have the scan gauge and use for just what you describe. Got 43 MPG out of my 07 Corolla this afternoon over about a 30 mile drive. My tank averave so far is about 38.5 MPG. Not to bad this thing is paying for itself very quickly. Go for it you won't be disappointed.