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Hello & Citroen OBD-II / ECU question

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  • Hello & Citroen OBD-II / ECU question

    Ive been looking in for some time now and you tech guys know what your talking about on the car computer side ECU,
    im an old tech retired and still love to work on cars but im into the electronics at the moment ( interrogating the ECU ) been successful with most but my Citroen Xantia 2000 1.8 16v wont let me in and it has the 16 pin DLC??,
    I have ELM 327 multi protocol serial and USB plus other toys 16 break out box and made an octopus cable with all 9 pins connected to the 16 pin side so I have the choice of plugging in what I want to what ever pin on the bob box,
    all the elm interfaces log in and computer port settings but it seems to die then ( program still running but does nothing ),
    populated pin outs on the DLC are 1 2 4 5 7 and 9 10 11 12 12 14 15 16. ive been following andy whitikers examples on wiring up the 9 pin to the 16 pin but I still cant get in,
    any ideas would be appreciated ( no problem probing the ECU or testing the ABS ) and there is no problems with the car but for the future it would be nice to be able to get in there without silly dealer prices to turn a daft mil light off.

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    update: checked the pin outs on the DLC and they were dead ( at least that's what they indicated ) but it powers up my V checker so its probably multiplex and CAN bus integrated so I'm thinking down the MUX duplex interface which is much more flexible than elm327, ill let you know how it goes


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      I could answer most quotations but ill leave to the techs on this site so as not to impose


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        very disappointed


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          Welcome to the forums!

          I moved your thread over to "Engine Management, OBD-II, Engine Diagnostics, etc." you are more likely to have some experts see your question over here.

          I also renamed the title to give people a quick heads up on what your question is about.


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            ^^that's a good idea^^ I only put it in the noob area because I just joined although im not new to mechanical engineering as that was my trade before I retired but I still have great interest in the diagnostic side of things which Ive been into for a few years now, Citroen xantia is the only system Ive come across which is hard to get into ( not the older ones ) 2000 seems to be a test as its got the 16 pin DLC and very populated and looks like its got every protocol lol but it must be one or the other as some say its ISO but other say KPW2000, I dont give up easy with things like this because I fix peoples cars as a hobby and its a need to know thing