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need advice on choosing obdII interface software

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  • need advice on choosing obdII interface software

    Hi I know that there is a post on this already, but it didnít help me much. I am looking for a program that will display all the info from the obd system, and allow me to make a few changes, like adjusting the fuel/ air mixture. Any info, experience, and yes opinions would be helpful. thanks from a noob

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    I do not think it would be possible. The mixture ratio is determined by EEPROM data tables. If you want to do that, you have to simulate or replace the injector computer or cheating all the sensors.
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      remap is the best way or an eeprom tool and the software which you can buy on ebay


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        There are a few Tuning packages out there that I am aware of but it greatly depends upon what kind of car we are talking about. My understanding is that some ECU's are programmable but others are not. I do have HPTuners hardware/software(MPVI Pro) which allows for scanning/logging/tuning of GM LSx motors(LS1, LS2, etc) along with some newer Ford and Dodge systems - has a great dash to boot. Works great in my TransAm with the LS1 and the carputer, just added 1 relay to turn it off when it is plugged into the OBD2 port and the car is off - would drain the battery if it sat for a few days plugged in without running the car.
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