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    I just got an ELM327 v1.2 cable and am having problems getting it to connect with my 07 MINI Cooper. All the drivers are installed properly and the lights begin to flash as it tries, but then it comes back with not being able to find protocol. I have tried with the supplied software and pcmscan demo, but to no avail.

    If anyone can help that would be great. I sometimes wonder if MINIs have some special codes or protocol or something. I know about a month or 2 ago my friend couldn't get his OBO II scanner to connect with my cooper to read a code it threw.

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    have you set the coms port up? is it serial or USB? USB requires a driver update which should be the software and serial needs to be set to a coms port to match the software setting, also note your car is CAN bus so you might need to tell the software that,
    ELM327 is CAN bus savy so it should work its all down to settings.

    quick edit: if its USB you can only set the coms port while the interface is connected to your computer because it wont see the tool where as serial sees it automatically but you still need to set matching coms ports with your computer and the software


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      I would try connecting first to the scantool using hyperterminal or another serial terminal and make sure you are communicating properly before trying an OBD program.



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        Well I had gotten one of those cheap ELM 327 cables off of ebay from hong kong. Some people say they work fine, others say that it is a generic chip that really doesn't work. It was a OBO II to USB and I had the ports all configured correctly, it just could not read the protocol. So I just assume it was never really in the device in the first place. I spoke with the distributer and they are issuing me a full refund, so I guess I will have to wait and save up for one of those ones guaranteed to work from obopros or another distributer.


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          Thats unfortunate, Ive used those generic ELM327 ones on three of my cars and it's worked wonderfully. Im planning on permanently installing it into my 2001 Mustang this summer when I install the carputer...
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            yep they work great on newer cars I have the serial and USB both from china and they are very good value however the software is very basic and will do very little so its basically only going to be code reader and show how the engine is running, the software is the key and I sorted my issue out with the Citroen by reloading the USB driver but still very limited excess to the ECU so I bought the proper Citroen diagnostic tool ( not laptop based ) so built for the job and hopefully will earn cash because it also does peugeot