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Reading Gas and Fuel Gauge

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  • Reading Gas and Fuel Gauge

    I am driving a 97 civic LX. I have worked on swapping a 03+ civic cluster and so far I have got everything on the cluster working that I vitally need except Fuel and temp which are controlled through one line that accepts multiple bits of information compared to my cluster where everything is seperate. Since I am working on getting this whole 20x2 char. LCD thing going I was wondering is there a way to measure the fuel and temp wires to say have a PIC process it and display the results on the LCD?

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    Yes, it is possible. Fuel level on my car at least is read as a voltage, so if you were to get a PIC with an analog to digital converter (most AVR's come with them, not sure about PIC's), you could read that value from the fuel level wire going into the ECU and experiment to find full/empty values if your car is set up the same way.
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      Well it will be a while before I attempt this but its a future project that I want to start reading up on now. Im still trying to figure out how to get this startup and shutdown controller to work so once I get that going and figure out what I am doing this is something in the future that I would like to learn. So If you could post up some useful links that I could go to that would be great.