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Open Source OBD-II/MUT project for Mitsubishi Vehicles.

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  • Open Source OBD-II/MUT project for Mitsubishi Vehicles.

    Open Source OBD-II/MUT project for Mitsubishi Vehicles.

    Just spent the last couple of weeks exploring the OBD-II/MUT Protocols so I can Log/Monitor information from my EVO 6.

    This stuff is a jungle when you first start and the information is spread all over the place with people letting out different parts of information here and there.

    I have collated the information I have found over at my site in the forums

    You are welcome to view the contents, but will need to register to reply to the posts.

    My goal is to release Open Source (Free of charge) the following projects:

    Pic-Mut standalone diagostics system that will simply be a OBD-II Plug that connects to the EVO OBD-II socket and displays the Monitor results on a LCD as well as doing 0-60 MPH stats and 30-130 MPH stats etc etc

    U-OBD cable based on the FTDI FT232 range of chips that will allow people to build a simple USB>Serial cable for receiving the MUT data and use programs such as EVOSCAN and Mitsulogger (Soon to be referred to as UniLogger)

    Various test software and inofrmation in one place for people wanting to to do the same thing.

    Please feel free to visit and take a look at the data compiled so far.
    Any extra information you have, again feel free to post and add to build up the information that will benefit everyone else.