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Valet Mode -- Limiting speed

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  • Valet Mode -- Limiting speed


    I'm trying to figure out a way, that once I put the vehicle into valet mode, the car would not be able to go over a predetermined speed. I have a Ford Explorer with cable actuated throttle. I was thinking that if somehow I could convert the mechanical throttle into electronic throttle control, then, putting the car into valet mode would intercept the throttle pedal's signal and only allow a maximun of ,say, 5% of WOT to limit the engine's speed. My thinking is that in normal mode: No throttle = 0% and WOT = 100% thereby reducing speed if only a 5% signal is the new maximum at WOT in valet mode. Of course I would make it so that if carputer failed I could manually reset mode via hidden switch.

    If converting to ETC isn't practical, then is there a simpler way to do it?

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    i wouldnt call it practical, but its possible. There are a few ways to do this...

    1) you can get an electronic pedal from somewhere then use that to control an electric solenoid or linear actuator that would pull on the cable coming off the throttle body...

    2) on some vehicles there is a separate cable coming off the throttle body that is for the cruise control and some are electronic and some are vacuum operated.

    3) some newer fords already have "fly by wire" throttle systems in them but they all pass through the ECU so if you can figure out how to work it w/o the ECU and if the throttle bottle is compatible with your intake manifold that may work.

    4) just keep your stock throttle system and put an electronic solenoid or something that will interfere with part of it to keep the throttle from opening more than a set amount.

    5) the best but prob hardest way would be to somehow get into the ECU and be able to reprogram the rev limiter or if it has a speed limiter in it. If it has an existing speed limiter you could maybe manipulate the signal coming out of the speed sensor to make the car think its going that fast...

    I don't know if any of these will actually work well or if they will help you brain storm but i just thought i through out a few ideas that could be expanded upon. Would be pretty neat if you got something to work... especially for those with high end sports cars.