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  • OBD for Vintage Car

    Good afternoon to all! Let me start at the beginning and goal so as to better frame my question to you all...

    I am hot-rodding a 1969 Mustang and have installed a 460 engine in place of the 302 it had (along with most of the drivetrain, etc.). The point is, I have a new, carburated engine ready to rock. Now, my goal is to install a Carputer for the general systems (audo/visual, etc.) which I have questions about, but that's for a different forum. With that said, a 69 vehicle didn't really have an OBD system.... but I would like to install one. Basically, I'd like the function of an OBD in a newer vehicle, but I'd also like to control certain aspects of performance (tuning, ignition, etc.) like some high-end "tuning" software allows. I'd need all the sensors and relays, I'm logically assuming, to actually gather information and direct it.

    Has anyone heard of a kit or something to this effect? I've spend days looking and googling, but all I can find are "readers"... any help, guidance or swift kicks in the behind? Again, I'd like to connect this all to a carputer, if that helps...

    Thank you all for your help - I really apreciate it!


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    If you're looking to go fuel injection:

    If you're going carburated, you won't be able to control certain things (like injectors, of course). You can however get sensors and run them to your computer for data collection, such as temp, rpm, speed, wideband o2 etc.
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      Want OBD in an older vehicle?
      Transplant a late-model motor and all the electronics that go along with it.

      Ford offers late-model crate motors with all the goodies. They aren't cheap, but it will get you what you want.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        For a vintage car you can install the Innovate Modular Tuning System or sensors from PLX Devices. There are a million gauge systems out there including PCs or a standalone device like DashDAQ. There is really no sense worrying about OBD2 unless you already had a modern engine in there that came with a computer. Start with those systems for something with a carburetor. They would add all of the sensors without needing changes to how the engine is controlled.


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          You guys, really, thanks a lot! That's a GREAT help!


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            So really you just want to display gauges? That is all you could really do with a carb setup...
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              Unfortunately, yes, that's about what I want. I realize the potential is so much greater if I were running an all-electric system, but since I'm running the standard carb setup, gauges will be the next best thing. I'm running a twin turboed 460 with a nitrous and ethanol injection system (not on the same system, but both injected respectively) so if I can't control my engine, at least I can monitor it before I blow it up. If I could manage a way to install some simple sensors and controls to run through my computer, that would be awesome, I would think... even if just the turbo boost, nitrous and ethanol injections....


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                ... or maybe feed some sensory information to the compture to help me with some optimal tuning/timing and/or optimal injection boosts for both the nitrous and the ethanol... That would be nice...


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                  I'd definitely go for a wideband O2 sensor then at the minimum, this will let you monitor air/fuel ratio so you know exactly when you're gonna blow up.

                  You can get electronic temperature sender units to allow you to use an electronic gauge for coolant temp, same with your boost and RPM (Get a frequency to voltage board on your tach wire, and then attach that to a fusion brain). Then you can datalog at what rpm and boost and temperature you're at a certain AFR and just your jets/carb settings appropriately.
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                    Turbo gauge, yes. O2 for the gasser, yes. Biased as a diesel mechanic, the injection events should key off of a TPS, added to anything, and a EGT probe in the header collector of the exhaust. This is exhaust temp, values for a gas engine I don't know. Turn it on at TPS 90%, off at 1200-1500F.
                    I'd guess at 10% more power per 1.5 lbs boost. I seem to think 900F may be a gas temp?
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                      Don't some of the MSD higher end ingnitions have a pc adjustable interface? On the fly spark curve changes should be possible, just expensive.