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Diagnostics tool for Nokia Symbian

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  • Diagnostics tool for Nokia Symbian

    Almost ready with DTC codes (shows in hex at the moment)

    or if you have "Need for Speed"

    I received info that the tool was interesting, but wasn't telling enough.

    OK: the tool works on a Symbian Nokia Telephone and connects to a Bluetooth ELM OBD-II device.
    - it will then allow one to diagnose problems when it is finished.

    Displays more than just hex now

    Read more @
    Owen Brotherwood, Denmark

  • #2 shows a screen shot of SymBtElm running on windows
    - at some stage I will write in serial support so it can also communicate with an ELM
    Owen Brotherwood, Denmark


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      Will this work with the Elmscan 5?


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        Originally posted by amwebby View Post
        Will this work with the Elmscan 5?
        - if the bluetooth can be connected to by your Nokia
        - and Elmscan 5 supports your car
        - and if the Elmscan used an original ELM 327 chip

        My program does not require a specific manuafacturer of an "ELM" device that uses an ELM 327 chip.

        This is the last time I answer this sort of question.

        My main hardware support is for:
        in german
        in english
        as I have one and activly fix bugs if it doesn't work.

        Any other device: ask the supplier.
        Owen Brotherwood, Denmark


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          Thanks for that. I'l go for the hardware you link to, it's cheaper too!

          I have version 1.0.38 installed and working on my Nokia N78. That already has Python 1.04 instaled on it. When I tried to install later versions of Python I get a "Cannot instal, component is built in" error.

          Anything I can do to support development I wil.


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            My wife just got an N86 8M so I will see if I can install on N series
            - I usually have E series

            I seem to remember you have to deinstall old versions of python when going from "old" python to new ...

            If you are a windows user, go for the windows setup file
            Owen Brotherwood, Denmark


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              Ah, just spotted the "uninstall old versions of Python" stuff. Will try tomorrow. What's the latest and best version to install on Symbian V60 3?


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                I'm afraid I have to report, after tryng every version of Python from 1.9.0 onwards that they all throw up the same error on my Nokia N78, "Unable to install, component built-in."

                The only version of Python I have found that works is 1.04 with SysBTElm V1.0.38


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                  Will it work with ElmCanII-WLAN?

                  I see that you definitely support the ECII-BT-INT (ElmCanII Bluetooth Intern).. which is nice.. but I find myself desiring the WLAN version so that the iPhone app "Rev " will also work... So, is there any chance that symbtelm will work with the ElmCanII-WLAN device? Either now or sometime in the not-too-distant future?


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                    Another Symbian OBD-II

                    - works for me and does what I need
                    Owen Brotherwood, Denmark