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    Well lets start off from the beginning of my project. I am going to get a 1965 mustang, Put a 5.0 engine from a fox body mustang along with transmission, efi, computer...etc I am planning to make this my everyday car but I want it fast really fast so I am looking in superchargers but the problem is bigger superchargers like the one I want will bring my mpg all the way down up to 8mpg and theres no way anyone could afford that as a everyday so I was looking at the aem plug and play
    But then again its 1,700 If I look I can get one for about 1,200 or a used one for about 700 but its a big waste of money. Is there any one I can clone it with a jdm programmer or any other way? also is there anything like this for less? I am going to have a carputer inside to.
    Please let me know.
    Thanks and god bless