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Elmscan 5 USB Question

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  • Elmscan 5 USB Question

    Does anyone know if leaving the Elmscan 5 cable plugged into the car while the car is off will kill my battery? I have noticed that when I have it plugged in and turn the car off the power light still stays on. I just want to make sure I don't leave it plugged in and end up with a dead battery in the morning!

    Thank you,

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    Well, I have one plugged in all the time ...
    - but I start the car every day.

    I have read that people do have them connected all the time.
    Owen Brotherwood, Denmark


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      It seems like when the Elmscan isn't in use it uses very little power. It seems like the only thing on is the light. I haven't done a test to see how much power it actually uses, but I think you'll be fine.
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        And as a comment: if the ELM device is bluetooth, it can be it is discoverable also without the ignition off.
        I'll be investigating this latter
        Owen Brotherwood, Denmark


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          Thank you guys I will try it and see what happens!


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            I do not use the Elmscan, use HPTuners for scanning/logging/tuning - had a problem where if the device was plugged in and the car was not run for around 3 days the battery would be dead.......... added a relay to switch the OBD2 power line off if the ignition is off and all is well
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