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Got a OBDII cable, just need some programs.

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  • Got a OBDII cable, just need some programs.

    Hey guys, i posted this about 2 hours ago but cant find it anywhere, so idk if it worked or not. Sorry if it shows up twice.

    So im new to OBDII diagnostics but what i want to do is use this cable i have (see link) and get some kind of free program so i can read some imformation about my car. I dont care about the amount of info on the program, but the more the better obviously. Is what im saying possible or not at all? Thanks!

    Heres the link to the cable i have:

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    What do the guys you bought this from say?
    Didn't they gave any links?


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      Should have come with software.. I bought something like that off ebay for like 30 bucks for use with centrafuse. Came with like 3 different softwares and drivers.
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        Be aware that the cable you purchased does not appear to utilize the ELM interface so most software is not going to be compatible. It looks to me like it just gives you access to the K and L lines via a virtual serial port on you're PC. You will need to find software that handles the communications correctly.
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          I just asked the seller if he had any software, waiting for the reply. He sold it to me for a cheap 20$ thats why i got it. If theres any other cheap ways to do this ill be up for listening, it just seems everything i search on the web costs almost 200$.

          Is there a different kind of cable that works for most programs? Because i have a bunch of free programs but this cable just doesnt seem to connect with any of them. Thanks for the info guys.


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            You would be better of with a cable that uses an Elm chip.
            Most free software works with that interface type.


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              Any sugestions on cheap brands?


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                Would a OBD II ELM 327 work?



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                  elm327 is the key to using most of the software out there.

                  Just about anything with elm327 stamped on it, and a plug that fits a hole in your laptop, will work with most of the software that's freely available.

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                    Okay thanks for all the information. Its been really helpful just have to get a new wire now.


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                      Would this work?


                      Thanks again for the help, i forgot about this for awhile but im looking for a cable again. This one seems okay right?