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1999 ford excort OBD II help?

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  • 1999 ford excort OBD II help?

    Hi, I am working on my sisters 99 ford escort and I am trying to jump it into diagnostic mode so I can read the trouble codes through the check engine light; so, I was looking at a haynes manual to find out how to jump it into diagnostic mode but, the manual only shows how to do this on 1996 and earlier models. I know it can be done because, I did it once before but, I forgot which pins I had to jump? I hope someone can help me out?? Thank you for your time in reading this ^_^

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    That sounds like an OBD I method. The creation of OBD II (1996 and newer) was so people didnt have go through all the steps you're talking about. If you dont and have cheap reader to read mode $03 for all the DTCs, then take it to an autozone (assuming you're in the states)