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  • OBD2 noob

    ok. i have not started my car pc yet, im just doing research on what i want in it and finding out costs and such for now,

    i want to check my car as im rolling in it, from what i understand i could buy this|294%3A50

    and connect it to my future car pc, from what i understand i can use Centrafuse to view digital gauges along with gps and a rearview camera and music and movies,

    Am i missing any sort of software that i may need?

    Thank you for your help

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    Not every vehicle equipped with an OBD2 connector will support the protocol.
    So, which car or cars do you want to use it on? (Make, model, modelyear, engine, fueltype).
    I assume you live in Australia.


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      i have a Holden commodore berlina V6 ecotech petrol made in november 97 and yes im in australia


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        Very unlikely that this is compliant to OBD2.
        I know Ford was selling F150's back in 2002 that were not compliant.
        Find somebody with an OBD2 scanner and try if your vehicle communicates before spending any money.