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Help a noob out!! :-p

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  • Help a noob out!! :-p

    Hi all, im very new to all this so concider me an idiot ;-) lmao

    Im currently looking for something to connect my Car to my Laptop (soon to be carputer)
    What i want to know is what cable and software will be best!

    All im looking for is fancy guages... showing Speed, RPM, airflow, Temp, fuel/oil presure.

    Similar to what Digimoto shows (although i have NEVER used any software or anything like this on my car myself)

    Im im after something thats fairly responsife and not much delay in the movments of the guages.

    Could anyone recomend me some hardware/software :-)

    Cheers all


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    First of all what kind of car do you wish to connect to (Make, model, modelyear, fuel type)? Second where do you live, USA, Europe or somewhere else?

    "All im looking for is fancy guages... fuel/oil presure."
    Not very likely to be present for reading.

    ""Im im after something thats fairly responsife and not much delay in the movments of the guages."
    Depends on what protocol your car uses, but only can is reasonable fast.
    The older protocols will give you 1 change/second with 5 or 6 gauges.


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      My car is a nice Rover 25 2002 Petrol :-p

      and im in the UK, And if fuel/oil presure isnt likley to be read thats not a problem, the main ones im after are RPM and Speed.


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        Any EOBD/OBD2 interface will do as long as the software you choose supports it.
        Do not buy cheap interfaces through e-bay, you will only get disappointed.
        Read this thread about free software
        or buy a set from for instance:


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          How come i will be disapointed from cheap ones on ebay??

          Are they slower and not supported on some software?


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            They sometimes do not work or do not work correctly.
            Search this forum, for instance read:


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              Cheers matey!! thanks for your info :-)

              Will be purchasing a cable soon and be on my way experimenting with software! :-D