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  • Need a mod for this section


    I would really like to have a mod for this section - we are starting to get product donations and it would really help to have a mod that can assist in giving out these product for free to the most active or skilled forum members.

    Anyone? Or can someone make a suggestion - who would be a good mod. you can pm me about it. I have a free software license right now which is your in exchange for a review.
    Suggestions or Comments on the forums? Post here.

    mp3Car store order questions or products that you would like to sell on the store? Email store @

    Feel free to pm me if you:
    • Have a general comment on mp3Car's products or services
    • Have a product you would like to have tested by the mp3Car community
    • Have a file you would like mp3Car to host
    • Have a cool idea that would improve the forums