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    Hello lads & ladies,

    I have recently purchased a Toyota Supra 1995 model - car can be viewed here: -- anyway I have always been into computers and the functionality and have been following for quite some time, mostly reading what other people have done & getting a few ideas for a small project

    I currently have an Alpine IVA-D310E, MRD1001, Type-X 12", in terms of quality and sound, it's bloody excellent, although I am looking at selling all my audio gear to start a new venture. I want a carputer! (still getting useto this term), I think I customize so many features with my carputer and have my car providing me with what I really want & that is just plain diagnostics & information!

    So I have a few questions for all you professionals out there:

    1) I have recently converted my car to manual, the engine loom remains the same, the ECU has been changed to a Power FC Pro. This car is mean't to be an OBDI, now I wanted to have this converted over to OBDII mainly for the added features of OBDII, since I am quite clueless as to how to do this and if it is possible with an automatic engine loom I am asking if anyone has had much experience with this?

    2) I have had a quick read of these front ends (RR + Centrafuse) and both seem to provide some excellent features, I still haven't chosen as which one I will be using, basically what I will be wanting to do is be able to customize the software to allow it to prompt commands such as:

    if engine temperature > 30 degrees output "sound"
    sleep 120;
    [sound] I want it to basically say "Your engine temperature is 31 degrees", I know there will be quite a lot of programming involved, but basically my question is -- will either one of the software programs above allow me to do so.

    I have very strong knowledge in PHP/XHTML/CSS/BASH (raw code).

    I will see how things go from here and my limitations in terms of software, once I have compiled everything I will post up in the projects section. To all of you who have read this and replied thankyou

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    1) If you want to have your carpc interact with a PowerFC, you need either the Apexi interface box (hard to get and the software is crap) or a datalogit box The datalogit box is by far the better option. It isn't OBDII, it is a custom interface, but you should be able to intergrate it into either frontend.

    2) There are plenty of options, either RR or CF will be able to do this. RR might be the best option as it is free on the forums and there is quite a few knowledgable people on here that will be able to help out.
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      meddler: I have had a look at the datalogit previously, I will look into it again, thanks for your very fast reply ~ the thing I hate about the powerFC is that it is so bloody old although it is known to be an excellent ECU for my car, the worst thing about this is that Apexi have discontinued this model.

      Regarding RR, I was going to play around with this tonight and see what I can produce -- even a starting point, this is my first time working with computers and cars, am really excited


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        How can you have two post and 0 on your post count? Interesting... must be a new form of Stealth Posting....
        Originally posted by menudude
        thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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          @ ozsupra: My PFC is not supported either, as it's a AP engineering model, so I know your pain about certain models of PFC's not being supported anymore. Remember, your car is getting quite old now. My 200sx is getting a bit long in the tooth if you think of it's age. (though conditiond wise, it's not)

          The datalogit is the only option for a computer to talk to the PFC, unless you want to design and build your own unit, and yes, I have had discussions about this with various people.

          @ Sj: It's called off topic. All posts in off topic don't count towards your posts count. It was done ages ago to try to curb post whoring, although, i am going to move this to engine management, so then the posts will count.
          Never let the truth get in the way of a good story