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OBD 11 on a Smart ForTwo

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  • OBD 11 on a Smart ForTwo

    I have a Smart ForTwo, 2003, 700cc model. A few weeks ago the engine started to run on 2 cylinders and the dashboard management light came on.

    I have done a few checks but want to see what caused the management light to show (still on) before going further. I suspect a piston ring at this stage as it is a common fault and the oil had run below minimum.

    My problem is trying to get a diagnostic reader or software for my laptop that reads Smart. I have read that every car after 2001 in the UK has the same protocol but these Smarts may be a law to themselves. After all, you need to take off the rear bodywork to change the lower 3 spark plugs (there are 6)......

    I do have a USB KKL lead (USB to OBD11) that I have used my VAG-COM software with but VAG-COM refuses to look at the Smart.

    Can anyone help or even point me to a decent code reader for less than 100? Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to mp3car. This forum (the obd2 forum in particular) is primarily for integrating on board diagnostics with car computers. If you have vehicle specific non-carpc related questions perhaps you will be better of checking a forum which deals with your car specifically. I would hate for you to wait around for an answer here, only to realize it could be better answered on a more appropriate forum.
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      Does the diagnostic connector in you're car have pins 6 and pin 14?
      Then it is possible that it uses the Can protocol and not the K-line.
      Does it have pin 7 in the diagnostic connector?
      Then it is using the K-line but you need an EOBD/OBD2 scanner.
      I know the latest versions of Vag-com can also read EOBD/OBD2, which version do you have? And can it read EOBD/OBD2?