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S197 - 08' mustang GT - Best (or one of the better) ODB-II tune interface?

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  • S197 - 08' mustang GT - Best (or one of the better) ODB-II tune interface?

    I have the ElmScan 5 Bluetooth device but to be honest I'm more than a little disappointed right off.

    The quickstart instructions were really lacking, I put it aside for a long while, and now since I can't find that little mini-manual it seems they don't really keep copies online anywhere. I'm sure someone has it on somewhere, but frankly...screw it.

    I was hoping someone with a newer mustang could point me to a good one that has, or will let a decent PC program interface with it to further tune the car to individual needs. Not every car is exactly the same, and I'd like to get every last bit I can from it if possible.

    All site/model/company suggestions appreciated.
    2008 Ford Mustang GT/CS CARPC(99%)
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    not sure that it covers your car, gm fan here.... i use HP Tuners and they are now supporting some Fords - it is a great package and they have good support from my experiences, takes a little time to learn but worth it - and real time tuning is a must have IMO

    check em out here
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      All product documentation for ElmScan 5 and OBDLink scan tools is here:

      There's also a video tutorial:


      We did everything we could to make the installation as simple as possible, it typically takes less than five minutes (two if you've already done it once).

      What specific problems are you running into?

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