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*NEW* Member looking for best "Car Peformance Computer"

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  • *NEW* Member looking for best "Car Peformance Computer"

    As the title says, i am a *new* member and I'm searching for the *best* "Car Performance Computer". While searching on Goggle, i came across many different types, mainly being full "Carputers" or a desk top style for your vehicle. I am looking for a system that would plug into a screen and plug into my OBDII port. Systems like the HKS CAMP2 (Computerized Automobile Multi Player) and the Magden Performance computer. I am looking for more options like these two units.

    Can anybody name a few that would compare to these?

    Thanks in advance!


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    If you want more control than what those two nice rigs can do, you have to give up your dreams of a standalone unit. You'll need a PC, like the tiny ones Moneual makes, and then you can set up with something like HP Tuners makes where you can copy the PCM's data to the PC as a bin file, tamper with it to tweak the engine's settings, and then flash it back. The HP Tuners setup also has a pretty frontend with real time data like MAF, fuel economy, and stuff like that.

    If you don't need to tinker with the PCM's programming and just want to look at what is coming out of it, the ones you have looked at are really cool, and Ease's In Car PC is also awesome.


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      I can vouch for the Moneual units.
      We use them at work for our point-of-sale systems to replace the 5-6 year old Dell SX280s that are dying from old age.
      The only major downside to them is they ship w/ WinXP Home, and I prefer XP Pro.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        I am also looking for software that can truly interact with OBD2

        I have the OBD2 pro and ScanXL its cool I can check sensors and read codes if any but I would like software that can truly be used to optimize the cars performance.
        "Camputer - 2005 Toyota Camry LE"


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          its been a while anyone know of anything else that has come out maybe better than the magden unit?


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            x2, I'm looking for something in the void of Magden leaving the game. Seems like components and some software is not the hard part (been using the search, I'm a good newb!!), its been very difficult to find the information on how to integrate wideband data and other sensor data outside of the OBDII system into the software for display as the Magden had done (using the zeitronix zt-2)