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  • Errors when connecting

    Hey newb here...Not to wrenchin though but to scanning my obd2 yes im new
    So heres where im running into issues maybe someone could provide some direction or a good writeup. I have a 98 jeep cherokee 4.0. From my research i assume the car has a iso9141-2 female plug. I am using digimoto lite and connector borrowed from a friend who used it on his 2001 s4 Iso as well I believe. I am having issues when trying to connect. I see that there is some opensource software available here. Is it compatible with windows 7? I had my codes pulled but would like to look at some live data to help diagnose the issue better.


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    Jeep probably uses a form of SAE J1850.
    Which pins are present in the 16-pin diagnostic connector?


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      no im pretty sure its ISO since it has pin 7


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        and here is the cable/interface (please correct me if im using the wrong terminology)
        that i am attempting to use.....also if my issues are hardware based please point me in the right direction...thanks

        also the pins on is cable are 2 -4 -5 -7 -10- 15 -16


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          ok this is obviously a stupid post since there has been no responses yet...Sorry, i hate the guy who posts stupid stuff too.,....ill return when im more informed...for now you will find me in the newb section