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Which OBD-II-to-usb tool should I pick for '99 Mazda Protege?

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  • Which OBD-II-to-usb tool should I pick for '99 Mazda Protege?

    I've just installed an Infill G4 into my Protege, now I want to see more info about my car.
    What features can I get out of it other than standard obd-II info? Is any tuning supported? (I see a obd2-to-usb cable on froogle for ~$15, says it should work for generic obd-2...)
    If there are extra features, are they all dependent on the software or hardware as well?
    Is it worth paying more for a package that supports more features?


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    for the cable...

    no tuning supported, that would require a way to rewrite the ECU, which i doubt u even can on a 99 protege..

    extra features that are hardware based are wireless support (WiFi or bluetooth) or EEPROM chipset (meaning u can update the chipset through the cable, instead of taking it apart and sending away for a new chip)

    as far as software, the free stuff is pretty basic, but good for most stuff.... the pay software is good if you know how to use it, and the manufacturer-specific add-ons are (imho) only for shop-level use.

    here's a list of parameters for your mazda that's unlocked with a manufacturer-specific add-on from palmer performance:

    now if you need access to all of those things then it's worth it, but i think those are designed for professionals.


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      cool, thanks!