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Remote Starter for my 01 galant

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  • Remote Starter for my 01 galant

    Hey guys. i know this is probably a wrong place to ask, but does anyone know a nice, cheap remote starter i can install by myself into my 2001 galant?

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      I don't want to control my car with my cellphone, i just want a remoter starter.
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        There are a ton of them on eBay. All remote staters are universal so they will work with all cars. I'd suggest getting the 2-way type as you get a verification when your car has stated, in case it's not in your sight.


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          yeah, ebay has stuff but then you have problems finding the harness to slap it in.
          Over here in J-Land we just buy the $90~$200 starter and pay another $40 for the harness. Install is dumb simple ... errr, beyond setting brake tap-tap procedure.

          Strapping the hardware down takes the longest if you are not into ripping out the dash for a cleaner install.

          Actually, just in the process of moving my old starter to my new (used) car. Harness was only $36.


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            ugh, forgot to add.

            1.) immobilizer or not ...
            2.) normally can't / shouldn't install in a manual shift. If you do you have to get the optional ring that checks if you have left your car in gear or not.


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              I had a Mitsubishi some time a go and the manual stated that if immobilizer equipped remote start is not compatible...
              This works by detecting the keys transponder in the key hole or near it. I wonder if the car will start by somehow keeping the key near this places somehow so the computer will recognize like a legit start attempt.

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                I did go to the effort to buy the immobilizer box for a Grand Cherokee I used to have. Problem was that you need to put a spare key in it so that the sensor can recognize it.

                At the local shop (I'm in Japan) they were selling immobilizer enabled starters. I'd be more than willing to ask but I'll need to know a bit more about the car to ask meaningful questions.


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                  Originally posted by popi79 View Post
                  I wonder if the car will start by somehow keeping the key near this places somehow so the computer will recognize like a legit start attempt.

                  This works fine on vehicles that use resistors in the keys, but keys with transponders, it will not. The cars security system is a little smarter than that. After you remote start the vehicle then put the 2nd key in the ignition, the sec sys. senses that there are 2 keys.......there shouldnt be. After you shut off the car, it will not restart until the sec system is reset.


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                    Originally posted by SapporoGuy View Post
                    2.) normally can't / shouldn't install in a manual shift. If you do you have to get the optional ring that checks if you have left your car in gear or not.

                    Hear hear!. I have a car with a standard transmission, and if it didn't have a neutral safety switch I would've never installed the remote start. Several times I've remote started the car, then walked outside to find it not running, only to find it is in gear. Thankfully it won't start in gear because of the switch. If your car is manual, ONLY do it if you have or install a sense switch.
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                      i have a 01 eclipse, and my key uses a computer chip...

                      here is what i have found--
                      the car requires the key to be within a inch of the coil around the iginition only for starting the car-- once the car is started, it doesn't seem to care which key is there, if you try to start it without a key, it will start the engine computer, the motor will turn over, but it will not start, because there is not a coded key, and the entire car must be turned completely off to start up--i accidentally test this frequently-- as i do not have a spare key installed, and bump the button in my pocket, and have tried numerous times to start the car after the remote start tried and failed to start it, but left the car 'on'.

                      another thing that i have found is that my local ACE/Truevalue hardware store has started offering cheap coded keys that actually replicate the code on your existing key that you bring to them for copying--so if your car had a issue with switching key codes while it was running (used remote start to start it, and then tried to drive off with your key..), you could use one of these keys, and the computer would see the same coded key.
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                        what about removing the key cylinder and steering lock, and place a key permanently in position (strap maybe) so the computer will have no problem and the remote start mechanism will do the job of closing the on/run position contacts and run the starter motor...
                        For example: In the new Chryslers you can remote start but before you can move the car you need to place the key in the ignition and turn so the steering wheel will unlock and accessories come alive... so in our case will be just remote start and start driving... no keys to turn or nothing... plus if is with one of the newer alarms which includes remote start it will serve as an anti thief device since all circuity will be run from the alarm system...


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                          When I was younger I used to install remote starters for people on the side, I have plenty of experience with them. One note: do you really want a 'cheap' device to be directly controlling the electrical system of your car? When your car is running on remote start, all of the ignition / accessory / starter power is flowing through the remote-starters on board relays (except for newer computer controlled ignitions like chrysler). It's also responsible for the cranking duration / number of tries / watching the tach to see if the car is 'running.' I've heard of cheap units failing and damaging starters or other components.

                          First off, for those wanting to do it with newer cars that have immobilizers, you should check out They have great interface kits, and a lot of the time they will do more then just allow the car to start (control locks, factory alarm, lights, read tach, etc saving you lots of time hunting for wires). They are also much safer then leaving a spare key in the car, and even more secure if they are used in combination with a remote-starter with a 2-way rs232 interface (Like the compustar brand). They also have great support and will even provide you with custom code to flash on the units if you need something special.

                          Unfortunately, they have never provided a solution for Mitsubishis. For your Galant, you can either use the spare key box or this slightly better solution which does not force you to give up a key and leave it in the car.

                          If you do end up leaving a key in the car, I'd recommend either not cutting it in the first place, or filing it down so it can't be used to start the car.

                          As for manuals, it can be done but there are some dangers. Typically you program the starter to be in manual mode and then it will not allow the car to start unless it is in 'ready mode'. The sequence is something like this:
                          - while the car is still running, push a button on remote / activate hand brake / something like that
                          - the starter will flash the lights / beep / do something to notify you
                          - remove key from car, it will continue to run
                          - open door, exit car, close door
                          - now the car should be running with no one in car (ie: not in gear). car shuts off.
                          - car is in 'ready mode' but opening any door will take it out of that mode

                          Of course, there are some problems with this. Someone reaches in through an open window and puts the car in gear for example. That being said, I had a remote starter on my manual 240sx for years until i sold it without a problem. If you are lucky, your car will have a neutral gear sensor you can use, but this is rare to find. The FSM for my old car actually lists a wire at the ECU that is supposed to be neutral sense, but is actually only functional on automatics! I've never heard of that ring sensor that was mentioned, but it sounds like a good idea - as long as its designed to fail correctly. Seems like something that would have good potential to be knocked out of alignment or something ... and if that was all you were relying on ...


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                            go to best buy

                            no matter what you buy for a remote starter what you want to get is a Directed 556u it a clamshell that you put your key in and you tie it to the ground while running output from the remote starter. that way it is only active when your car is running off the remote start system. and for reasons of security its in your best interest to have a spare key made to duplicate the rfid signal but dont have it cut... as it will never be used in the ignition cylinder.

                            fyi I work as an autotech and install 6 or so systems per week.. I highly recomend DEI products. not the most expensive, but they offer incredable relaibility. VIPER , VALLET, PYTHON, and a few more. but good luck


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                              Alright, that you all for this posts
                              BTW, for some reason, i dont get emails when someone replies... I forgot I started this thread :P
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