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  • CAN bus questions and more

    Hi- first off I'm working with an 07 Chry PT Cruiser Convertible.

    This post stems from my inability to reliably get my windows to work correctly after installing a window actuator with my alarm system. The convertible top poses difficulty because the windows need to roll down slightly when closing the doors or putting the top up if the window is fully up to begin with (and then roll up again for a door signal), and roll down completely when putting the top down regardless of position. That's the OEM configuration and I'm assuming controlled thru CAN.

    Just hacking the +/- to the window motors like usual then inserting the window module yields really wierd results. The timing for the window operations by the car get all funky, and just plain won't work for real life. So, in trying to figure out how it might be possible to get this to work, I always arrive back at the same place: I have to let the car do its thing, but I still want to be able to roll my windows up and down with my alarm FOB. FWIW the alarm system is a snake.

    I can interface any of the alarm (and have done so previously) with the carputer; using a fusion brain is easiest but there are lots of ways. I just plain ole don't understand the CAN bus, what it does, and how it's different from OBD though.

    So here's my questions.

    Is it possible with any of the reasonably available ($200 or less) hardware to have bi-directional communication with CAN, specifically for the windows and doors?
    Which products would suit this if it is?

    I don't want to just keep adding things to the alarm system if I can purchase one piece that does all I need in addition to reading OBDII codes and be done with it.

    I'd also like dyno functions.
    • What would be super keeno would be to have a single bi-directional piece of hardware/software that can go between my carpc, alarm system, and the CAN bus/OEM onboard computer. I think that's ultimately what I want. FWIW I use Centrafuse as my front end but am not stuck into thinking everything needs to go through it.
    Lastly, my immediate need and the final kick in the pants I needed to buy one of these gizmos, is that the freakin car won't start. I need a scanner asap but seeing as how there's no one at work for the next week and a half, now is the time to be patient and get the right piece of gear to solve all of the problems (if possible). (sidebar, I think I fried the PCU )

    Maybe I'm asking for something that doesn't exist, or maybe I don't understand, or both, or...

    To be clear, I'm not a software engineer, I'm a chemical one. My programming experience is limited to G (Labview) and a smidge of C++ so writing any type of custom app is out of the realm of possibility. Hacking wires I can do, but writing code I just won't.

    Out of all of the products out there I've read about tonight, the only one I see that mentions any of this is the one from autoenginuity. Can someone please enlighten me, or point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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    CAN bus explained:

    a chip that can interface between CAN and alarm systems:

    This one looks alot like the bypass kit I already have. Neither one does WINDOWS on a PT though. I suspect the directed bypass kit is just the interface mentioned above, modified for my application. Again, this still doesn't solve my problem.