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elm327 bluetooth optimization

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  • elm327 bluetooth optimization

    i just bought an elm327 based device and tried it a bit.
    I don't know if it is a clone or not, it should be elm327 v1.3a and it confirmed by powerdynOBD software.
    Anyway it's a cheapest one.

    I read a lot over internet and some topics here about speed, refresh rate, and bandwith but i really did not understand what is the potencial of this hardware.

    I'm using it on a fiat grande punto (2008 gasoline european car), and it should use CAN bus.

    Anyway, assuming it's not that fast... How could i optimize what i've got?

    I sat the com port at 115200 (12x the common 9600baud). (the best choise is 128k on windows vista)
    PCMSCAN connect to device at 115200baud but not powerdynOBD. It connects at 9600...

    so, is it a software setting?
    how to check which speed is supported by the device? is there any command that i can send to the device?

    any other suggestion to improve the performances?

    thank you