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  • Porsche Cayman tinkering

    Hello everyone. I have a 2008 Porsche Cayman S and am interested in doing several things to it and this seemed to be the brightest group on the web to ask for guidance.

    1. The dash has a digital display the shows things like tire pressure, temperature, fuel mpg etc. How can I display other data on the display? An example would be OBDII data like oil temp or engine temp.

    2. I have been reading for some weeks now but am still completely confused on ECU tuning. I would like to start modifying the ECU (DME) for performance. Any thoughts on how to do this? What cable, software etc.

    3. There are features that one can enable and disable in the car like lowering the windows when the keyfob is pressed. A Porsche PIWIS (Bosch KTS670) can do this but its $17,000 from Porsche. Any thoughts on where this data is stored and how it can be accessed?

    Feel free to PM me. There are plenty of P owners that want these things done without breaking the bank.

    I am in northern Maryland if anyone is interested in the project.



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    If you want to tune your engine, leave that to professionals, unless you want to blow turbos or engines. Finding the map is one thing, changing it so that you actually gain horse-power in stead of loosing is something completely else. You need a lot of tools, like gas analyzer, knock detection, rolling road, etc.


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      I think I will still pursue how to do this. One has to start somewhere. The pros did too.


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        all i know about engine tuning is data logging-- you need lots of it to know where to start..

        on some other forums that i am on, the guys that are tuning will tell people to try logging at least 6-12 months or more before even considering changing anything.
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          Good info. What can I use to start logging this? What other forums have you seen this on?


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            Could you explain to me how you will proof that the changes you make are actually increasing the bhp and how you will proof that they are safe?
            I have been tuning cars for more than 20 years now (chip-tuning and after-market systems) and I do not change anything without professional measure equipment, like rolling road or engine test bench, 4-gas tester, knock detection and exhaust temperature.


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              Well, being new to this I guess that is what I am here to learn. I am going to do this on my own car. I am more interested in learning how to do this then going into business doing this obviously.


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                from what i understand, most use some sort of data logging through the obd2 port, the 'other' forum i watch is, so not so sure how easily it transfers over to porsches.

                i am not to interested in engine mods, so i am not perfectly clear on the process, but the basic idea is to gather as much data as you can from all sensors, learn what is normal, and then slowly make adjustments while trying to keep the sensors happy...

                though like i said, i am no engine guy, so i could be way off...
                My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
                "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

                next project? subaru brz
                carpc undecided


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                  1) You're likely not going to have much luck. It's most likely that the screen is a complete unit, it reads the sensors (or rather CAN messages) it wants, and it displays them. If that's the case there's not much you can do - probably easiest approach would be replacing it entirely, emulating the old screen and adding your own info. That'd be hard though, as I imagine this dash screen is a very non-standard size. What you -may- be able to do is try faking your own sensor packets on the CAN and see how it responds. ie try sending a speed packet and see if it flashes the speed you send (before the cars next packet interrupts it). If that's the case, you could probably get the odo or TPMS to show other data - ie oil pressure - and flick between what it's showing via a button. It'd be a huge amount of work though (ie blocking the old packets is hard) and would never be polished, you wouldn't be able to write the correct units anywhere etc. The real hope is that something else in the car is sending to it what to display in its entirety - the units everything. But that seems unlikely.

                  2) I am 100% confident you won't be able to beat porsche's efforts. You're far better off paying a tuner to do it (must be one in your area?). I don't mean to be a party pooper... curious though, why do you want to do it yourself? Could end up damaging a very expensive engine..

                  3) Unless someone's got access to a PIWIS and has reverse engineered it, or someone working for porsche/bosch has leaked the actual spec on the net, there's no way you'll be able to find out how it works. No way at all unfortunately. For something simple like that though, surely a dealer isn't going to charge more then $50 to enable it? Not worth your time even thinking about doing it yourself if that's the case. It is possible on ebay you'll find China is counterfeitering them - ie there's VAUXCOMs, OPCOMs and VAGCOMs which are all cloned multi thousand dollar devices being sold for $50 and less.

                  Anyway, good luck


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                    i agree with mania on most of the stuff.

                    i wouldn't touch tuning unless you have AT LEAST a wideband oxygen sensor.

                    it's really not for the faint of heart, ur best off buying a pre-made map not to blow up ur engine.

                    to address ur questions:

                    1. u'd have to know how that stuff works. if i had to guess it communicates with the various control units in the vehicle over the CAN BUS. does anybody other than Porsche have access to the communications protocol needed? maybe. are they gonna give it all out on an internet message board? highly unlikely.

                    2. standard OBDII cable and..... no software?


                    here's a little insight onto what it takes to make something like what you're talking about. (some software to read/write the ECU)

                    just look at those #s..... if u think after spending a quarter million dollars to do it they're just gonna release it to the public ur nuts.

                    3. same as above. all that code (to control the windows and such) is completely proprietary and by keeping it in a little porsche PIWIS box is their form of content management.