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How can I implement OBD1 protocol ?

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  • How can I implement OBD1 protocol ?

    Hi All ,
    Does any one know how can I implement OBD1 protocol to be able to communicate with my car ? I need to make an on-board system to get data from my car without using PC . so could any one help me ???

    Thanks in advance ,,,,

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    Reverse engineer it, design hardware, write software, test it, get the bugs out and you're home free.
    OBD1 is not a protocol. It only requires the manufacturers to produce a lot of paper work (usually full of mistakes). The connector and the method of communicating (protocol) is at least different for each and every manufacturer. Sometimes manufacturers use several of these protocols.

    Which car do you wish to use it on? Make, model, model year, engine type, fuel used etc. etc.


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      Thanks alot for your reply ,,
      I have two cars ,, Daewoo lanos model 2000 ,, and hyundai accent model 2002 but I don't know what is the engine type ? I'm new to OBD world and I need all your experience to help me in starting . COULD you please tell me what is the information needed in OBD1 and from where can I get it ??? I'll be very grateful to you ,,,


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        2002 model could be OBD2 or EOBD depending on where you live if it's a petrol engine.
        Diesel engines do not have to comply with any rule in Europe until 2004.

        So, which part of the world do you live? Usa, Japan, Europe or anywhere else.
        Are these petrol engines?


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          I live in africa ,, in egypt and the engines are petrol engines


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            First of all, OBD1 DOES NOT apply. It's a standard from the USA that ended on December 31, 1995. Secondly, OBD2 or EOBD don't apply either, there not used in Egypt.
            Now if you are lucky the cars will support the protocols of OBD2. Do the cars have a 16-pin diagnostic connector? (should be close to the steering wheel). Do they ALSO have an Oxygen sensor after the catalyst? (if they even have a catalyst)
            Otherwise they only can be accessed with the factory protocol. And if you want to replicate that you have to be a skilled software engineer as well as a skilled hardware engineer, have a lot of money and a lot of time.