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Two Engines Controlled with one ECU INFO NEEDED

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  • Two Engines Controlled with one ECU INFO NEEDED

    I want to know is it possible to control separate two engines (singles or maybe twins not bigger than 300cc each) with fuel injection, running with a common intake with a common ECU.

    I would be grateful if you could provide me with some information such as:
    • Is it technically possible?

      Could you provide us with such ECU (rough estimate of cost for custom ecu's)?

      Is this a good idea?

    I know that using two engines is not common but it has been done before (Tiger Z100, Golf mk2, Mercedes A-class). But form what I am aware so far no one used a common ECU to control two engines. If you know anything about this please please let me know!!!

    I would need something like: a custom ECU which could control both engines independently, it would possibly have to have two crank sensors inputs etc.


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    I am reasonably certain that you'd need to have identical motors if you have any chance of pulling this off.
    Beyond that, I have no idea if it is possible even with identical motors.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Possible, yes. This is done a bit in industrial applications.

      But it is generally cheaper and more robust to individually control each engine. Look at a modern car, it generally has multiple modules on a bus, versus one much faster module and lots of expensive copper running to sensors around the vehicle.

      Is there a specific problem you are trying to solve with one ECU over two?



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        u mean u want one computer to control two motors?

        that doesnt sound impossible... but nothings really impossible if you have enough money to throw at it, is it


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          You would have to have an ecu that is designed for it, like you said have a custom ECU made. You can't just take 2 engines out of 2 cars and use the same ECU to run both. The ECU controls the injector timing, ignition timing and watches all the the sensors so unless you can get each engine timed exactly the same and to stay exactly the same when you start it up and run it, it won't work right. If one engine starts running lean then its going to make the other engine rich. And so on - i think you get my point.


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            If they are hard linked, why not?
            Assuming they were originally matched, the engines are just as susceptible to compression and other drift as are normal engines.

            You then have the same old problem - do you individually taylor per cylinder (eg, ionic ignition sensing etc), or is it batch/wasted control etc.

            Try for 4 (or 2) cylinder ionic sensing systems - then it shouldn't matter (assuming hard-linked - same RPM and fixed positions).

            Otherwise maybe a shutdown system (engine that shuts down unused cylinders).

            And FTR - good luck!


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              Interesting thought about one ECU, and I keep reminding myself of how much pain in the a*** it is to align/tune two carburetors on one engine. (And involved an apperatus with loads of quicksliver in it).

              My car, a BMW E46 have 3 ECUs to run ONE engine. One master ECU that is connected to the rest of the car, and two slaves where one is backup for the other.

              Is it possible to run two engine's with the same ECU... Most defentely, but it's probably easier to manage two ECUs, one for each engine, and a thirs master that controlls both the slaves.
              Then you have one ECU tuned to the right engine, since no engines run exactely the like.


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                Mega Squirt might work for you.