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95 Astro, what software do I need?

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  • 95 Astro, what software do I need?

    I am very interested in the various packages offered on your site for displaying "digital gauges" on an LCD screen.

    However, I am unsure of exactly what I need to accomplish this.

    I am interested in displaying all of the same info as my existing gauges (MPH, RPM, fuel level, oil pressure, temp, volts) in addition to turn signals, high beams, other idiot lights.

    This would be used as my primary display, to replace my current guages.

    I do not need touch screen for the main display screen because I will be using a small touch screen mounted where the radio is to control it all as well as display GPS, radio, DVD, etc...

    So, in a nutshell, I guess I have quite a few questions to straighten out.

    1: What exactly does the software connect to? I see it needs an OBD-II port. Does my van have that port?

    2: Does the software need any other connections? To get MPH, can it be read from the onboard computer or does it need its own connection to the transmission?

    3: Can the gauges be set to display on just 1 screen all of the time?

    I'm sure I'll think of more as this conversation progresses.


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    I just found out through another forum that I have an OBD I port.


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      OBD I is no problem. Take a look at (you will want EfiLive v4). I just got my copy of it and it looks perfect for what I want - a virtual dash / gauges through OBD I or ALDL. There is also a version available for OBD II for those who are interested



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        My Astro isn't on the supported vehicles list.


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          Is this a Chevy Astro? I thought they were discontinued after '94.

          Anyway, vehicles this old are often instrumented with analog modules. You can still run them into a computer and do LCD display.



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            If the Astro uses OBD I as you say then EfiLive will stream the data from it for you. Read through their website, they dont have a complete vehicle list there because they rely on the community to create data streams. You can download the evaluation version of EfiLive V4 for free and use it until December 30, 2010 so you can decide if its going to be right for you


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              No, they were made clear up to 2004 or so. Maybe even 2005.